What to expect

To begin with we will go through a full consultation and medical history. Often this can take up to around 30 minutes so this can be done prior to your first appointment over the phone at no extra charge.


The reflexology treatment itself is very gentle. You remain fully clothed just removing your socks and shoes. If you cannot face having your feet touched I am able to do this sequence on your hands instead.

Lie back, supported with bolsters and pillows, under a blanket , and relax.

Many people experience sensations during the session. These can be sensations of fluttering, a limb going cold, a warm line running upwards along an arm/leg, trickling around the ears and down the neck. Everyone is individual and you might experience one or all of these, or something different, or perhaps none of these.

After the sequence take your time getting up from the couch. Drink plenty of water and allow your body to digest the treatment. Try to avoid alcohol and strenuous activities for the remainder of the day.

Depending on your symptoms and needs, we will likely take some basic measurements before and after the treatment.


During the consultation I will ask you about how you feel about the scar, and whether you are able to touch it. I will ask you about the physical sensations you get when you touch it and how it affects you emotionally.

You will need to undress enough to allow me access to the scar area. You will be treated with the utmost discretion and lots of towels and blankets will be used to keep you covered, warm, relaxed and comfortable.

The sessions are very gentle and in short bursts, so we take things very slowly.

Any scar is a trauma and the emotional aspect is handled with the utmost care.