Surgical Scarring

Surgery or traumatic scarring can cause symptoms such as pain or numbness in the scar area; referred pain or lack of sensitivity; and movement restrictions. Scar Release work can affect nerve tissue to normalise sensations, increase blood flow to the area, and increase lymphatic drainage. It can also work on an energetic level to promote emotional healing and wellbeing.

Often a scar will only need work on it once or twice; the results are lasting and there is invariably no rebound. Lymphatic drainage at the site of the scar is increased which enables any debris and toxins held within the scar to be released and dealt with by the lymphatic system. Once the scar tissue starts to smooth out and become more like the surrounding tissues again, mobility and elasticity starts to improve.

The image shows before and after scar release work on axillary clearance scar. The curvature is more comfortable. Less puckering of the skin at the inferior end of the scar. Visibly difference in appearance of the superior end of the scar where are hard ridge of scar tissue was released.
This is the same scar 4 weeks after the treatment. You can see a huge difference in appearance. Patient felt greater range of motion, and less swelling distally along the arm.
This is another picture of before and immediately after treatment of an axillary clearance scar. You can visibly see reduced swelling in the area between the scar and breast at the top of the picture. The curvature is more relaxed and in line with the natural alignment of the skin. The colour of surrounding tissues has also started to improve. The patient immediately felt a reduction in tightness, and an improved range of movement.