Lymphoedema can be a debilitating condition where the lymphatic system is compromised and thus a build up of fluid creates swelling in an area of the body.

Primary Lymphoedema is thought to be hereditary. Fluid starts to pool at the base of a limb due to the inadequacy of the lymphatic system’s ability to drain fluid.

Secondary Lymphoedema can appear after an operation, or after an accident or injury. The cause of fluid build up can be due to the lymphatic tissue becoming damaged, or removed (for example an axillary clearance).

Swelling can make that area of the body painful, heavy, tight and restricted. The tissues of the skin can become very uncomfortable and delicate, prone to damage and infection. It can be difficult to find clothes to fit, and can create mental/emotional instability.

The treatment for lymphoedema is compression, exercise/movement and good skincare. Sometimes Manual Lymph Drainage is offered which is a massage technique which re-reoutes the fluid away from the affected site.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage is a technique based on the principles of Manul Lymph Drainage, but transposed onto the reflexes of the feet or hands.

The beauty of this technique is that it is completely non-invasive; patients do not need to get undressed. It can be done in-clinic via the feet, or remotely via a taught self-help sequence carried out on the hands.

Much research is still being carried out around this technique; however what the reflexology community have seen up to this date is that the technique and sequence supports the theory of reflexology. By isolating and working the lymphatic reflexes of the feet or hands, has an effect on the body. As a community, we have been witness to some incredibly rewarding results for our clients.