Autoimmune + Chronic Inflammatory Disorders

The symptoms of long term conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME, can be managed with the techniques of reflexology.

People with these conditions tend to experience symptoms such as increased sensitivity to pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness, sleep disorders, problems with memory and concentration, dizziness and balance problems, headaches and migraines, digestive upsets.

The symptoms of autoimmune conditions such as MS and RA can also be improved through the techniques of reflexology.

By using Reflexology Lymph Drainage, we are using the lymphatic reflexes on the feet to stimulate a response in the lymphatic system in the main body. This helps boost immunity and drains off excess fluid, debris, toxins and thus in turn aims to reduce inflammation and pain.

Although we cannot make sweeping statements or claims that reflexology will have an effect, as a community of practitioners, we are seeing incredible results when using these techniques in the management of the symptoms of these chronic conditions.